Another Stupid Coaching Interview Question: ‘How Do Your Skills Fit This Role?

By on April 27, 2015’s the question?

– It’s the one “How do your skills fit this role?”

Did you get that question on a job interview recently?

– Yep – last Thursday. The guy asked me “How do your skills fit this role?” and I had to answer it.

What did you say?

– I had your voice in my ear. I said “It would be great if we could talk about the issues you’re facing. Then I could tell you what I think about your situation, and I could also tell you how I’ve handled similar obstacles in the past. That way, we don’t have to go to the abstract question of which skills of mine fit your requirements — we could skip all that and just talk about what you’re dealing with and how I’d approach the problem.” See more…

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