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http://becomeanathlete.co.uk/7-essential-exercises-for-youth-football-players/Football is a changing sport. Players are stronger and faster than ever before. There has a been a big shift from what a typical footballers would include in their weekly. Once it would have included only a few hours of football practice a day comprised of passing and shooting drills. Nowadays strength and conditioning is an integral part of a professional footballers week.

Get strong and get ahead of the opposition by taking part in a regular strength and conditioning programme. We’ve chosen 7 exercises that we use with our footballers. Obviously we use many more, however you would be here all week if we show them all.

Running is a skill, you can learn to improve. Just like, learning to curl the ball or spending hours trying to complete 100 kick ups, you can improve with practice. Sprinting is a technical skill and can be improved by increasing muscular strength, joint range of movement and running technique. Here is an early stage sprint drill we use to begin to establish good alignment for acceleration.

Acceleration, running speed, jump height and agility are all enhanced by improvements in strength. Not only an improvement in performance but stronger lower muscular structure will also greatly reduce the likelihood of injury, those common in football such as ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tears, ankle sprains and hamstring and quad traumas. This is an exercises that features in our programmes fro young footballers. See more…

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