3 reasons why your child should play youth football

By on March 31, 2018

By Peter Schwartz

A few years ago, my son’s football team was handing out game jerseys during training camp. Our program orders the jerseys in advance in assorted sizes with numbers already on them. Once they’re given out, the last names are added.

Bradley looked at the jerseys in his size and settled on No. 3. A short time later, another child picked out his jersey. I don’t remember exactly what number it was, but let’s just say it was No. 65. One of his parents was overheard saying something to the effect of …

“That number is not good. My son is a wide receiver, and wide receivers don’t wear that number in the NFL.”

I really don’t know if the parent was serious, but it brings up an important topic. If your child is playing youth football because you think he’s making it to the NFL, then he’s playing youth football for the wrong reason. The numbers against that happening are just astronomical.

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