Great Leaders are only as Good as their Staff

By on April 2, 2015 is a great article showing an example of how important it is to have a staff that works well together and is on the same page.  As a head coach, you need to be a leader that others want to follow.  The best leaders have a staff that has been with them for years, making them extremely efficient.  Check out this entire article as you will read about Jim Harbaugh’s current staff which includes both old and new members.

Tim Drevno had been a right-hand man for all but one of his 11 years as a head football coach. His relationship with Greg Mattison dated back to the 1980s. Mike Zordich had no plans of being in Ann Arbor until a chance conversation with Jim’s brother, John Harbaugh.

Michigan’s coaching staff has only been on the football field together for 12 practices, but each one of them says their overall chemistry and mission is well-seasoned — thanks to a demanding, confident, head coach.

ANN ARBOR — During Jim Harbaugh’s “measure twice, cut once” process of piecing together a coaching staff at Michigan, he dipped his toe into a variety of pools.

Jay Harbaugh? Well, you’ve already figured that one out.

The Wolverines are now in their final week of spring camp, and have only been together on the field for a total of 12 workouts. But they say their focus and priorities were all identical from day one. So, transitions and feeling out periods didn’t really exist. Read more…

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