Want to be the Head Coach, but There are Others?

By on April 2, 2015

football coach clipart

So you want to be the head coach for the local team and the problem is there are others who want the same position.  So what do you do?  Check out this article from Forbes as it correlates to your situation.  Sometimes your nest course of action is to become a “consultant” (assistant coach) until a better opportunity presents itself.

You can solve problems. You can get paid for it or give away your expertise to people as you choose. It’s up to you. The important part is to change your self-image, and get back to work immediately – this week!

As a consultant you’re driving your career. One of your consulting projects in the near future might take the shape of a full-time job. That’s okay. It’s just another consulting project!

Your mindset is by far the most important factor in your job search success. You have to lose the mindset “I’m a job-seeker. Can somebody please offer me a job?” See more…

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