There’s Going To Be A Tackle Football League For Little Girls In Utah

By on May 22, 2015 in Utah are starting what they believe to be the country’s first girls-only tackle football league this month, and it already has a marquee player.

Sam Gordon, whose viral 2012 highlight reel led to a Super Bowl invitation and her very own Wheaties box, had no problem in helping to create interest in the Utah Girls Tackle Football League. League president Crystal Sacco said that the team rosters for the fifth and sixth-grade girls were filled within five days of the announcement.

“My friends were so excited to play football,” Gordon, 12, said in a release.

Sam Gordon, pictured in a 2014 full-contact game with the boys, will now play in a league with only girls.

Sam Gordon hands off during a recent workout of the Utah Girls Tackle Football League.

Just four teams are participating so the league can keep costs down, Brent Gordon, who is the co-founder of the league and Sam’s father, told The Huffington Post. Teams will play a three-game schedule in West Jordan, Utah, starting Saturday. Read more…

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