Recruiting Isn’t Hard

By on April 7, 2015 a youth football coach you will always be recruiting.  You will be recruiting players to play, parents to help and coaches to help coach.  Recruiting can be painful, but if you follow these tips, it should make the process a little smoother.

I have sympathy and compassion for every living creature but my patience is wearing thin with the plaint Its so hard to find good employees! We make recruiting ten times harder than it needs to be. We had amazing managers and HR people, for one thing.

Is it hard to find good employees, or do we make recruiting harder than it needs to be?

I ran a Fortune 500 HR team. How did we hire thousands of people? We had amazing managers and HR people, for one thing. We had tremendous employees in every department who brought their friends to work and got paid for it and got other benefits.

If there was a disturbance in the Force in any division or team, somebody who could fix it would hear about it fast. There’s no HR program that creates those connections and relationships. They come from trust. You build trust slowly, and you begin that project by taking down the barriers that tell your team members “Don’t trust us, because as you can see, we don’t trust you!” See more…

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