Hand signals at center of Grizzlies’ new offense

By on April 11, 2015


http://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/football/hand-signals-at-center-of-grizzlies-new-offense/article_84565781-e4fd-5604-b565-ed3da8149a4d.htmlNow we’re talking!  Fast break football with hand signals!  We have run an offense built around messing with the defense since day one.  No snap count, hand signals and super fast play.  Check out how the Grizzlies are preparing.

“Coach Stitt relays it in to us and we try and distribute it to everybody else,” junior quarterback Brady Gustafson said, adding the distribution process cleans up more and more each day.

But such a team need as adept a center as a quarterback, the brains and heart of the whole operation. Stitt calls the plays — he’s also the team’s offensive coordinator — by relaying formation and a few routes, before the QB passes the setup along to his center who controls the offensive line. See more…

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