3 Big Mistakes Even Good Youth Coaches Make

By on April 25, 2015


http://www.forbes.com/sites/bobcook/2015/04/22/3-big-mistakes-even-good-youth-coaches-make/It’s not often you hear a coach admit — out loud, with sincerity — “boy, was I dumb.” But that’s what Todd Starowitz, founder of the recently launched ProScoutSports, does in a blog post called “5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From Being A Loser.” In it, Starowitz, who recently launched the “honest and objective” youth sports scouting and evaluation service ProScoutSports, ruefully muses on his 37-52 record as head softball coach at Wheaton (Ill.) Academy from 2009-11. I won’t summarize the post here, not when you can go to Starowitz’s own writing for such great turns of phrase as, when he mentions wearing a suit and tie to his first team meeting wasn’t the best of ideas: “I wanted to set the tone for a new beginning but I may have slightly missed the mark with my disconnected habiliment.”

However, Starowitz’s post got me to thinking about common mistakes even the best-intentioned — ESPECIALLY the best-intentioned — of youth coaches makes. I’m thinking here about younger children, not high school-aged. I coached many teams involving all four my children, and while I have happy memories and satisfying moments for all involved, I can think of many cringe-worthy moments that make me want to pull my habiliment over my head and disconnect. See more…

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