Role of Technology In Modern College Football

By on May 12, 2015

Football play

Technology plays a role in every facet of our lives, and the same is true for college football. Innovation in vastly different industries — like electronics or computing — inevitably spilled over into the realm of athletics as sports organizations look to exploit an edge just like any profit-seeking firm. Technology even serves as a force multiplier in sports, and Kentucky football is like every other program attempting to harness innovation to win more games.

Historically, one of the better examples of the use of technology in football was analyzing game film. Fifteen years ago, football teams were keeping libraries of VHS tapes. Before that was literal game film. Today, improvement in audiovisual devices and advances in data storage are two realms that have changed game preparation. Today’s head coaches, who were assistants twenty or more years ago, probably had it much harder in some ways than their assistants do today. Imagine how much these ancillary products and services have changed for a truly old school coach like Bill Snyder who served as a USC graduate assistant back in the mid-1960’s. A lot, I’d say. Read more…

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