Attacking the 6-2 Defense with the Wing-T

By on May 8, 2015 Chris Brooks on March 17, 2015

In youth football you are very likely to see 8 man fronts like the 6-2 and 4-4 stack. I’ll call a defense a 6-2 if their defensive ends (or outside linebackers – whatever you want to call them) are playing at or very near the line of scrimmage outside your tight end(s). If they are clearly off the line and playing more of a LB position I’ll call it a 4-4. Let’s talk about how to game plan against a 6-2 defense with the Wing-T.

There are two primary concerns I have when I face a 6-2 defense:

The answer to (1) is usually going to be yes, and that will usually steer me away from the Buck Series (Buck Sweep, Buck Trap, Boot, etc.). Why? Because I’m reluctant to pull both guards with A gap pressure on both sides, and because I think trap is hard to run well against double A gap pressure. We have better options in our Wing-T playbook.

The answers to (2) will then guide the series selection and play calling, both pre-game planning and early game scripting of plays / probing. Here’s how I might script an opening series, making sure all the assistants understand what we are looking for and with some specific assignments for each coach to observe. You probably don’t have 10 assistants roaming around, so to keep it simple I would make sure you have one coach watching the play-side DE and another coaching watching what is happening near play-side A gap (watch the nose and inside linebacker). Here’s a sample opening script: Read more…

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