Alabama Football: How Much Faster Can Lane Kiffin’s Offense Be in 2015?

By on April 11, 2015

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Play fast is the theme of 2015 in Alabama.  My teams have always been about up tempo and this post explains how Kiffin is planning on rebuilding to an even faster speed for this season.

Gone is Yeldon along with Alabama’s top three receivers and number one tight end. It’s hard to imagine much more tempo for Alabama, a team traditionally known for running the ball and controlling the clock than scoring quickly. So how much faster can Alabama actually be in 2015?

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — In a lot of ways, year two of Lane Kiffin is going to be more interesting than year one, where he caught lightning in a bottle with a lot of little things coming together for Alabama’s record-setting year.

He installed a higher-tempo offense while Blake Sims turned into one of the SEC’s best quarterbacks, Amari Cooper had a career year, and T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry came together to form a terrific tandem in the backfield.

The learning curve will be even steeper.

Alabama offense tempo and production Year Plays per game (national rank) Yards per game (national rank) 2010 65.8 (93) 444.1 (22) 2011 67.5 (97) 429.6 (31) 2012 66.3 (114) 445.5 (31) 2013 65.9 (116) 454.1 (33) 2014 72.8 (72) 484.5 (18), cfbstats Read more…

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