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There is a huge difference between pee wee quarterback drills and the type you use with the older players. The pee wee quarterback needs to be a mistake free, smart player above everything else. The perception of the QB position is what we see in the NFL. In the NFL the QB is a fantastic passer who is known for shredding defenses.

Even at the college, and to some degree the high school level, the QB position is glorified. Far too many parents think that their pee wee quarterback needs to mimic the older players and get upset if their son doesn’t throw the ball 20 times per game.

The pee wee quarterback, especially the really young ones, need to concentrate on protecting the ball. Turnovers are the single biggest problem in youth football so the QB of pop warner team must be schooled in protecting the ball.

It all starts with the snap. I am amazed on how many coaches ignore the snap. The pee wee quarterback needs to learn how to properly receive the snap from center.  He needs to be patient and not pull away from the center until he has secured the ball.  He needs to have his hands together and opened as wide as possible.

As coaches, we make sure our pee wee quarterback gets a MINIMUM of fifty snaps, per practice, every day before the first game of the season. These are practice snaps only and do not include the snaps he gets during the running of plays, stations or scrimmage time. To put this in perspective 50 snaps a day, for the minimum of twenty practices prior to the first game would be 1000 snaps. One thousand snaps to get your child ready for the season.

This does not include the offseason. If you are serious, your pee wee quarterback should continue taking snaps year round. As the summer winds down and the season approaches make sure to get at least 5000 snaps in over the summer months.

The pee wee quarterback needs to not only take the snaps, but make sure he is taking them the correct way. There is a new video series titled “So You Wanna Be a Quarterback” which teaches you the proper handoff techniques as well as everything you need to develop a pee wee quarterback.  This information packed video series gives all the hints and tricks needed to make your child into an effective leader for his team.

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