Remembering the Greatest Plays of Retired Steelers Safety Troy Polamalu

By on April 11, 2015


Troy steelers

He will be missed!  He was a special kind of player that gave 100% and his enthusiasm for the game really shined through in the way he played on the field.

Longtime NFL icon Troy Polamalu informed the Pittsburgh Steelers of his retirement from football Thursday, citing family as his primary driving force. It marks a new day for the league, as Polamalu was a highlight machine for the bulk of his 12-year career, despite his decline since his Defensive Player of the Year performance in 2010.
Polamalu vs. San Diego Chargers, 2008
Polamaluvs. Tennessee Titans, 2009
Polamalu vs. Baltimore Ravens, AFC Championship Game 2009
Polamalu vs. Tennessee Titans, 2010 Read more…

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